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1000th donation!
Examining the Gorddinog Plan at Conwy ArchivesConwys Archive Service collects papers and photographs of local historical interest to keep safely for all to use and enjoy.

The 1000th donation to the archive is a spectacular plan of the Gorddinog Estate in Llanfairfechan; drawn in 1894 it shows farms and cottages belonging to the Platt family.

The plan is massive it measures over 4 feet wide and 28 feet long, but Conwy archive staff will photograph the individual parts to make it more accessible for users.

The plan of Gorddinog Estate has a remarkable history: it was bought many years ago at a Glasgow auction house by a lady who intended to use it as wallpaper. When she later emigrated to America, the plan went with her and sat, thankfully unused, in her barn.

Recently her health has declined and a friend has been helping her to sell off some of her possessions. Curious to see whether Gorddinog still existed, they searched the internet, and upon finding a reference to Llanfairfechan, were able to contact the local elected member, Councillor Andrew Hinchliff. He was able to tell them a lot about the history of the estate and some of the buildings such as Madryn Farm mentioned in it and generously offered to buy the plan and donate it to the Archive for the local community.

Many documents survive by what seems to be almost miraculous accidents, but the story of this plan and its adventures makes it one of the most exciting documents that the Archive has ever received.

(This article and accompanying photograph have been published with the kind permission and co-operation of Conwy County Borough Council. It appeared in the Council's Winter 2008 edition of its "Bulletin" newsletter.)

Link: [Conwy Archives Service]
gddik on Wednesday 10 December 2008 - 16:03:54
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1000th donation! Richard G | 10 Dec 08 : 19:55

Registered: 01 Jan 70 : 01:00

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Thank you for posting this Graham...

I shall certainly want to see this, on my next visit home.......

Was born and bred on the Gorddinog Estate, and had strong family ties with Madryn Farm, where I used to drive a tractor, when I was only 11 years old...

Most of the men there were used to horses, and were not at all mechanically minded...Which was ideal for me, because I loved anything mechanical....

Around 1934, there was an Air Show in a field alongside, Madryn Farm....It was called Alan Cobham's Flying Circus......

I was taken for a flight around the the farm, by the generosity of a kind Uncle, which naturally started my love of flying.......

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