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Trying To Bridge The Big Divide

Project worker appointed to bring together quarry villages young and old

By Dan Owen

MORE work is being done to try and bridge the growing divide between the young and older generations.

Cwmni Penllan has appointed an intergenerational project worker (IPW) to try and bring the groups closer together in the Quarry Villages, while at the same time quashing some common misconceptions.

"This is all about bringing the people of Llanfairfechan, Penmaenmawr and Dwygyfylchi closer together," said IPW Debbie Lewis.

"We need to fill In the gaps and there seem to be a lot of problems. We are currently looking at what the areas have to offer the different groups and then what is missing. There is a lot of misunderstanding between the groups and that is something we hope to address."

Despite the size of the task Debbie is looking forward to the role: "I am a bit frightened but I think you always are with new challenges. I like a challenge and this is something I am really looking forward to."

Cwmni Penllan manager Barry Morris hopes the work will change the way young and older people think of each other.

"At the moment it seems we have a disaffected youth and a disproportionately afraid older generation," he said.

"We don't want to see what has happened in other towns where there is nothing for the young people to do but hang around on the streets, that is only going to cause problems. We need places for them to go and things to do."

Mr Morris hopes to put on an event to bring everyone together.

"We have got to get the two groups talking," he said. I would like to see a play put on highlighting the problems with the youngsters playing the older people and vice versa so they get an understanding how they each feel. That way we might be able to start doing thing things to help."

Source: North Wales Weekly News, Thursday 20 July 2006 [web site] [e-mail Dan Owen]

gddik on Thursday 27 July 2006 - 19:58:54
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