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At Last, Proof Our Home Was A Palace
Prince Llewelyn lived there


HISTORY super sleuths yesterday unveiled crucial evidence proving an old North Wales manor house was the palace of Llewelyn, the last Welsh Prince of Wales.

Kathryn Pritchard Gibson, owner of Pen y Bryn in Abergwyngregyn, just off the A55 between Bangor and Llanfairfechan, spent the last 18 years establishing strong links between her house and and Welsh “royalty”.

Now three historians working on Open University-BBC 2 series History Mysteries think they've tracked down the conclusive proof she needs.

Nick Barratt, with special knowledge of medieval finance, Jonathan Foyle, an associate curator of historic royal places, and Miranda Krestovnikoff, natural historian, believe their findings could rewrite the history books.

Last night, Kathryn said she was thrilled with the outcome.

She added: "I bought the property without knowing its background, simply as a home in which to bring up my daughters Hannah, Alex and Emily. I didn't know anything about the local tradition that linked Pen y Bryn to Llywelyn's home.

The house was advertised in 1988 simply as a 'manor house and chicken farm in need of renovation'. "Though I examined thousands of documents in archives in Britain and Europe the conclusive proof that confirmed the local tradition it is Llewelyn's palace, eluded me."

She jumped at the chance when the BBC offered to send in an independent team of experts.

"They examined the site and the documents and found conclusive proof. Pen y Bryn was the royal home of the Princes, and though part of the main structure was demolished to create a medieval manor house, the main part of Llewelyn's home still remains intact, incorporated into the house.

Show spokesman Greg Day said: “It is a fascinating story in a series which unearths mysteries, to prove or disprove theories and legends.

"As far as Pen y Bryn is concerned Nick looks for a link between the house and Llewellyn in the National Archives and found the crucial evidence that proves Kathryn is right.

"Jonathan spent most of his time exploring the house to find evidence of the 13th century."

He added. "Miranda met a local bard to learn more about the history surrounding Pen y Bryn."

  • The show is broadcast on BBC 2 at 3pm on Monday.

Source: Daily Post, Saturday 28 January 2006. [web site] [e-Mail David Greenwood]

Also included in the article, but omitted for copyright reasons:
  • Photograph of Pen Y Bryn & Mrs Pritchard Gibson

This story was also reported in the North Wales Weekly News. [Click here] to read this version of the story...
gddik on Sunday 05 February 2006 - 11:20:09
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