Bryn y Neuadd

Bryn y Neuadd had and still has a very important role in the history of Llanfairfechan. A house was built on the estate in the 1667 for the Roberts family. The house was later demolished and a mansion was built by John Platt in 1862 after he bought the 130 acre estate, a businessman from Oldham, Lancashire. The family also built Christ Church. The arrival of the Platts in the village brought a lot of much needed work in the community.

Old Bryn y Neuadd Postcard

Old postcard showing Bryn y Neuadd Hall

In 1898 St. Andrews Hospital, Northampton, bought Bryn y Neuadd to provide care for people for what they called “lunatics and idiots.” In 1967 the mansion was demolished and a long stay hospital was constructed on the site, this was at a cost of two and a half million pounds. This was to provide a service for 250 “mentally handicapped” patients from all over North and Mid-Wales. The hospital was opened in 1971; and is still home to many people.


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