Breton Media Reports

These reports are included verbatim. The translation from French may provide some slightly unconventional English, but there should be no lack of clarity of meaning!

Undated – probably August 2009

The discussion by the elected representatives and some inhabitants of Pleumeleuc for the creation of a town twinning seems on the right track.

A village in the Wales, Llanfairfechan, demonstrated its interest for twinning and Raymond Jones, last year’s mayor, has come to Pleumeleuc on behalf of the Council, on August 29th and 30th.

Llanfairfechan is a village of 2,700 inhabitants, located on the sea front in the North of Wales. The village is part of Snowdonia National Park. Raymond Jones visited the village, its facilities, met the inhabitants of Pleumeleuc (the heads of both schools, and representatives of its associations).

The mayor, Patricia Cousin, and Philippe Rouault, deputy Mayor responsible for the Twinning file, announced he wanted to put it on in the agenda of a next town council. The town council of Llanfairfechan will also decide on twinning. A deputation could shortly go to the Wales.

Next meeting: on Wednesday, September 9th, 20h 30 in the polyvalent room. Meeting is opened to all.

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

The alliance of twinning with Llanfairfechan is signed – Pleumeleuc

It is under the sign of the lily of the valley on 1st May 2010 that the official ceremony of the signature of the alliance of twinning and contract of friendship between the towns of Llanfairfechan in Wales and Pleumeleuc took place, initiated from 2008 by Philippe Rouault, deputy mayor, and Raymond Jones, mayor of the Welsh town at that time. Both towns promised to define together the foundation of a plan with the aim of the signing the solemn promise of twinning between the inhabitants and the local officials. The town of Llanfairfechan was represented by the mayor, Carol Edwards and Raymond Jones, the chairman of the committee of twinning. For Pleumeleuc, it is Patricia Cousin, mayor and Fabienne Nouveau, chairperson of the committee of twinning, who signed the charter and received the Welsh deputation. Besides the officials, a deputation of twenty children and nine adults came from the Wales.

After exchanges of flags and presents. Patricia Cousin, in her speech. defined the purpose of this committee of twinning “To assure the permanence of the future links joining the populations of our two towns, to favour contacts and possible, family, associative, cultural, scholastic exchanges )”. “My role is definitely to promote this twinning in the village and to its inhabitants by favouring their involvement” she added. In her words of introduction, Fabienne Nouveau underlined her content to organize this first exchange and also to receive children who are going to participate in the festival “Pleum’ Art Mômes”. “The school teaches our children what is Europe, this theoretical knowledge is going to make all its sense today.” Raymond Jones underlined importance of “this first step in the official twinning of our two towns and what better opportunity than that of a festival of theatre to cement the rapport between our two cultures, especially since it is the children who are our diplomats”. The fete continued with the tasting of Pleu with the dawn serenade of the bagad of Montfort, a release of pigeons, (symbol of the reception of the village).

A full programme waited for the Welsh deputation, besides its participation in the festival of theatre, the visit of schools, toy library. a walk about the market town, as well as an introduction to archery.

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

The festival Pleum’ Art Kids filled up on Saturday and Sunday – Pleumeleuc

On Saturday, 1st and on Sunday, May 2nd, a deep effervescence reigned around celebrations offered by the association “Culture et Théâtre” on the occasion of its second festival Pleum’ Art kids.

In effect, Mary-Laura Cadieu and all her team offered all this weekend of many artistic activities including the art of the street, dance, music, magic, circus, puppet. exhibitions, inventive workshops, flower arranging, basketry and mosaic.

But the main performance was the show of theatre offered by fifty children actors and creators. The children will have the unforgettable memory of a production between those of Pleumeleuc and Llanfairfechan, fruit of a close collaboration between the French Teacher Régis Péjus and Welsh Headmaster Matthew Jones on the occasion of the twinning of both towns.

The weekend ended in music and in song with Carmen young acoustical singer, the group funk “the way of life” and the presentation of the theatre the whey, “20,000 eyes on the pool”, a wildlife comedy was sung by Dominique Gaultier.

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Welsh young persons start to learn about archery – Pleumeleuc

On Sunday morning, May 2nd, before taking the coach to Wales, Pierrick Chollet with his team of bowmen of Broceliande, initiates the young Welsh persons of Llanfairfechan to archery. The children accepted the white feather – the traditional sign of an archer.

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