Test Visitor Survey

This page is for testing only at present – please do not complete the survey!!!

Welcome to the Llanfairfechan Visitor Survey 2017

1. When did you visit?
2. When did you arrive?
3. How long did you stay?
4. If you stayed overnight, what kind of accommodation did you use?
5. Are you a UK or Overseas visitor?
6. Which county in the UK / Which country do you live in?
7. Who were you visiting with? (Please select all that apply)

8. How did you travel here?

9. What was the purpose of your visit? (Please select all that apply)

10. What facilities did you use during your visit? (Please select all that apply)

11. What did you enjoy most about your visit to Llanfairfechan?
12. What would most improve a future visit to Llanfairfechan for you?
13. How did you hear about Llanfairfechan?

14. Would you return for another day visit in the future?
15. Would you return for another overnight visit in the future?
16. Would you recommend Llanfairfechan as a destination to your friends and family?
17. If you answered "No" to any of the last 3 questions, please state your reasons.

The survey will be made live shortly…